Sigh, new panels: ABC with fm26126A

This is starting to get annoying…
I get output on them after sending the fm26126A init sequence, but the output is all wrong given the line addressing having changed again. It seems that you only select one of 8 lines, and push 4 times 128 pixels to reach the other 3 rows after filling the first one.
Why, oh why do “they” have to keep changing how to do things? I got those as replacements for a perfectly working ABCDE panel

I think you need to use the PanelMapping feature. Traveling through Wednesday so I can’t help much more until I get back

Hi Louis, no worries. Honestly I wasn’t going to try and make it work at this point, I’m more a bit upset that someone found yet another incompatible way of doing this.
I’ve already contacted the seller for an exchange. I’ll probably get to keep them though due to the price/inconvenience of sending stuff back to China.
But I wanted to share a picture to show that the incompatibility insanity has not stopped.
This is really starting to turn me away from continuing to use those panels if you you can’t reliably order anything that you know will work.

It doesn’t sound like you have a /32 scan panel, despite the label saying so. It’s filling 4 rows at a time - I assume you meant per 4 rows at a time per RGB channel, so 8 rows are lit at a time - and you select one of 8 address rows, so it’s a /8 scan panel, right?

correct, if there are only 3 address lines (ABC), it must be a /8 scan panel where you push 4 rows at at time