Single Color Matrices

Probably a long shot, but does anyone have any experience driving single color matrices like these:
Basically same form factor as the usual used with SmartMatrix but one color per pixel instead of 3. I’m assuming SmartMatrix library has no support for that?
I have to imagine they would be easier to drive but as you can imagine it’s hard to find concrete info on it.

I picked up a single color panel in white, but haven’t used it yet. Few issues:

  • pinout may not match HUB75, so you may have to make an adapter cable between the SmartMatrix shield and the panel
  • This panel you linked to is 1/4 scan, and SmartMatrix doesn’t support a data channel that wraps to multiple rows between latches. I plan to add support for that eventually
  • SmartMatrix is limited to only holding RGB data, so there would be a lot of waste if trying to drive a single color channel pattern

I do plan on adding support for more types of panels eventually, but I haven’t had time to work on the library much lately.