SK9822 digital LED to replace APA102

Is there any foresight to add support for the SK9822 digital LEDs?
Currently APA102 5050 is sold out, and it seems that the manufacturer no longer does it, I do not know if it will be forever, my suppliers tell me that at least in a couple of months there will be no stock and they do not know if it will be done again.

The replacement seems to be the SK9822. I want to try it, because I’m not sure if it’s 100% compatible with APA102 5050, or there are differences that affect the software. Pinout is compatible, also with Data and Clock signals, though seem slower clock.

Interestingly, there is stock of the APA102 2020 (2x2mm), much smaller than the APA102 5050 (5x5mm), I will use it in some designs, software level is compatible with the 5050.

I added initial support to the SmartMatrix Library for Photon:

Search the Particle Community thread for SK9822 to see some interesting discussion around hue shift and issues with the SK9822.

I’m dissapointed to hear about poor availability for the APA102. I have a feeling a lot of vendors selling “APA102” 5050 LEDs are actually shipping SK9822 instead. I think I could write some code that drives the LEDs and tells you if you have APA102 or SK9822. I’ll do that when I get back into some APA102 projects. At the moment I’m focusing on multiplexed panels.

My regular supplier told me that now APA102 has changed the IC, new IC can be 26KHZ PWM, higher than before.
But still many problems, voltage drop is bigger, brightness seem lower…APA company still working on it and try to improve it.

Actually I really like the NS107S seires LEDs, faster than APA102, 28Khz PWM, higher brightness, bigger chip, smaller IC…transfer speed can be 40Mhz.
Now NS107S series have 5050, 3535 and 2020 size. RGBW and 16bit will be came soon.

I’m excited to hear that NS107S is going to be available with more options, especially RGBW. I have some samples of 5050, but haven’t tried them yet.

Would you be able to share your supplier info? You can share it privately if that’s better.

I never hear there is NS107S seires,i think your supplier named it by herself,the dual signal just is SK9822 and APA102 in the market.
APA102-2020 has updated now,it’s two types APA102-2020-256-6A and APA102-2020-256-8A.
It still has APA102-1515 LED,the tinyest led so far,the size is 1.5*1.5mm

Some info on high color depth LEDs:

Oh boy, small world, Tinic is a friend of mine and I didn’t even know about that FB group

So, if you double the bits, does that half the refresh rate?
More generally, strips are great for strings or very low res matrices, but as much as RGBPanels are a pain, it’s hard to get to their resolution with strips, never mind that strips cost 5-10x more per pixel.
Still, more choice is good. I also hope we get more strips that do 24V or at least 12V. 5V is just ridiculous for bigger strings.

That depends on how much time is spent shifting bits to the strips. It probably halves the theoretical max update rate

I also hope we get more strips that do 24V or at least 12V. 5V is just ridiculous for bigger strings.

Take a look at some of the conversations in that FB group around 12V vs 5V strips. Quite a few people thing 5V with proper injection is better, if I recall the conversation correctly

I hear there is a SK9822-A led,update version SK9822, PWM Frequency speed reachs 27KHZ,the price is much more can have a try it.