SM16227 (16237) type shift driver

Hi Everybody!
Has anybody any info about the SM16227 (16237) type shift driver?
It is in some way similar to the FM6124 as it has brigthness control, but it’s brightness control is only 5 bits and the setting method is unfortunately unknown to me. I’ve found only a Chinese data sheet ( and haven’t find any clue how to set the brightness level correctly. My problem is that after power up, sometimes it is set randomly, so different panel regions has different brightness levels. I need to elliminate this. Any info is wellcome!

Sandor Wortmann

Copying from another similar thread:

You might try getting them to work with the hzeller Raspberry Pi project, or look around in their forums for any leads, as they have more support for exotic panels than this project. Please post back if you find anything

Dear Louis,
Thanks for your reply and the idea. Unortunatly I haven’t find anything there.
However in the meantime I managed to find out the solution (with the help of a logic analyzer and the original sending card):
The method is similar with other drivers with configurable parameters, LED error detection, etc.
If the Latch is high for 2 Clock pulses then the shifted in data is written to the brightness register instead of the outputs. The brightness bits are from Bit 3 to Bit 8: xxxxxxxxBBBBBxxx. 00000 is the maximum while 11111 is the minimum (about 7%) brightness (the formula and a table about some values can be found in the data sheet I linked in with my question) I hope i could helped anybody who run into these drivers also.