Smallest pitch panel

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know what the smallest pitch panel is and where to buy?

I have seen 1.5 listed but could not find anywhere to buy from…


I see P2 panels on Aliexpress, search “p2 matrix”. Nothing smaller than that.

Careful with some of these smaller panels, there’s a new way of addressing panels that only uses two address lines: one is clock, one is data. SmartMatrix won’t be able to support driving these panels:

It might not be obvious if the panels you are buying will have the “AB” address lines, as some of the panels pictured don’t have the silkscreen for the HUYB75, pinout, and even if they do, the seller may send you a panel that doesn’t match the picture.

Hi Louis,
Thanks for the info…
Will the A and B address only panels ever be supported by smartmatrix?
I see lots stating they are 32scan but with pictures of panels with A and B address lines only or no pinouts pictured at all, makes it very difficult to know what is what…


@Dann sadly with those things, especially from China, you often to buy and see what you get.
Some sellers on aliexpress I think have an option to get you reimbursed if what you receive, doesn’t work. You could always go that route after asking the seller first, if you get the wrong panel.

It’s unlikely. I don’t want to say “never”, but it’s not something I plan on working on anytime soon, and I’m pretty sure it requires a hardware change so it wouldn’t even work with the SmartLED Shield V4.

Thanks Louis,

Im seeing less and less panels that are ABCDE address ones, in fact im having trouble finding any that are not A B only rite now…
I wire the panels directly and only use a shield for testing so any hardware differences i can get around…

Does anyone know of a supplier or have a link that has P2 panels that are ABCDE ones?

Thanks Daniel

@Dann have you found any P2 panels that worked before?
Do you have a link to any (even if they may have changed to a new AB addressing now) ?
How about P3, is there a reliable source of 64x64 in P3?
(the adafruit/sparkfun panel is P3.8)