Smart Matrix ShieldL Out of stock

Hi, I am looking to buy a a Smart Matrix SD card Shield but they are out of stock at Adafruit.

Any idea where I can get one in the US?



That’s what I’d like to know as well. It’s been out of stock EVERYWHERE for quite a long time, with no indication of when more are incoming. It’s also odd that this is the first post I’ve seen talking about it on any boards, and also that there isn’t already some competing product available by someone else.

I mean, Teensy + RGB is awesome, and I’ve seen the advice “use SmartMatrix” lots of places, yet they are no where to be found…

The SmartMatrix Shield has been out of stock for less than a month. I was hoping to have the new V4 shield ready before stock ran out at Adafruit but it took longer than I expected to make the new version. The new version is being manufactured now and is probably only a few weeks from being available for purchase from Adafruit.

In the meantime, you can wire up your Teensy and RGB panel manually without the SmartMatrix shield:

Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been busy.