Smartmatrix and DHT22

Hello, somebody has work with a DHT library and Smartmatrix.
I have an issue, they can’t work together.
First when the DHT make a read of the temperature or humidity the panel make a flicker.
And all the time (At some point in the loop, less than a minute), it gets stuck when the swapBuffers is called.

Somebody has suffer something like that? :confused:

Best regards
Álvaro Monares G.

Hi Álvaro,

Sorry for the long delay. It looks like this library disables interrupts, possibly for a long time, which breaks the sketch because SmartMatrix requires interrupts to be enabled most of the time.

Unfortunately I don’t have a workaround. A fix likely requires a rewrite of the DHT library so it can be used without disabling interrupts for long. You might try posting to the PJRC forum to see if they know of a way to read this sensor without disabling interrupts for long. (Please post a link back here too so I can follow along)