Smartmatrix build

Hi, i have just purchased the smartmatrix kit, and i wish to add audio in for Aurora.

I have ordered all the bits separately, including the msgeq7 breakout board as shown on As much as its a cleaner way to get audio in, i would rather use a amplified mic as found here
is this possible ?. what would the connections be, and also would i have to edit aurora to use the mic ?. I am pretty new to the teensy, so please be gentle :wink:

any help greatly appreciated.

Hi Manny, I believe the MSGEQ7 is expecting an audio signal centered around 0V, and the mic breakout board is going to give you between 0V and Vcc. A microphone on it’s own isn’t going to have a strong enough signal to register by the MSGEQ7. You need a microphone preamp, which you can combine with a cheap microphone (not the Adafruit breakout) to get the levels to where they need to be. Some links:

You might try emailing Peter, the MSEGQ7 breakout designer to see if he has any suggestions. (He might tell you the Adafruit breakout is just fine with the MSGEQ7, I’m not much of an analog expert)

Also, I haven’t heard back from anyone yet trying out the Instructable, can you post back with any feedback if you see mistakes or missing details? Thanks!

Hi louis,

Thanks for your detailed reply. I am pretty new to all this. the version on instructables i was refering to:

shows the building of the smartmatrix display. in the final setup an eq breakout board is installed allowing for audio input, as within aurora software there are some audio visuals. i was hoping that instead of the eq breakout board i could use the " Electret Microphone Amplifier - MAX4466 with Adjustable Gain " in its place. if its not just plug and play with a few software adjustments… then i will just go with the route of the eq breakboard.

It definitely won’t be plug and play, the software is written specifically to use the chip on the EQ breakout.

Hi Louis,

Thanks again… guess i will be using the line in on the eq breakout board then. in the middle of another project which is taking up the little time i have, but looking forward to putting this kit together.