SmartMatrix getting really hot when connected to 5v 2A power supply

So along with a small spark on the plug, my SmartMatrix gets really hot when I plug my power supply into the wall however since I am a beginner in electronics/circuitry this may be normal based on my current setup. The wires I use are verified by a meter to be 5v (not 12v). I will provide images of what I have:

Initially I thought I was not grounding but based in this image my wiring is correct

It should be noted that I am not (yet) using a microcontroller with the SmartMatrix and I am not sure if this activity is normal if using only the LED + SmartMatrix + power supply. I suspect that could be a reason for the overheating but I am not sure. Any tips or constructive criticism is appreciated. Please let me know if other information is needed.

Hi, it’s likely because you’re plugging the ribbon cable into the HUB75 output connector, and not input connector

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oh my god i was :sweat_smile: at least it was an easy fix.