SmartMatrix LED Board with Teensy 3.6

We have some LED Board panels P2 128x64 - 32S - V6.1 with chipset IC2405. We are trying to get them to work with the SmartMatrix library but so far we had no luck. Can anyine provide some information about working with these specific lead boards on tensy 3.6 with the SmartMAtrix library? See photos attached for more info.

Hi Harris
The chip on your photo is not IC2405, but DP3246 - compare the logo with DP5020:

When I searched on the site by ID DP3246, such a chip was founded, although there is no documentation.
You can try request the datasheet from them.

thanks for replying. I share the datasheets file WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Thank you
As far as I can see, this driver is very similar to FM6126a
It also requires configuration registers to be loaded before use and uses three clock cycles for latching.

I’m not very familiar with SmartMatrix library. If I’m not mistaken, the library supports FM6126a chips, so most likely your matrices can also be run, although you may need to tweak the configuration values. I hope @Louis can give you a better answer.

Also I think that it’s quite possible to run your matrix on the hzeller Raspberry Pi project.

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