SmartMatrix Library 4.0

With Teensy 4.x support coming to SmartMatrix Library, along with (still alpha quality) ESP32 support, and support for 1/4 scan panels and other panels with non-standard mapping, it’s time for a new major release. This is a good time to look at incorporating feature or bug fixes that have been sitting idle for a while, especially if there are any library changes that may require changing the API, or breaking existing code/examples.

I do plan on going through the open issues and pull requests in GitHub and including anything that I feel is important or low hanging fruit. What would you like to see included in the next major release?

(Please link to any existing issues/PRs on GitHub or consider creating a new one)

I’ve been using your “alpha quality” ESP32 support for over a year, works quite reliably for me :slight_smile:
I would definitely trade color depth for refresh rate, 16 bit, or even 12 bit (RGB444)

Not a must have, but just an idea.