SmartMatrix Library 4.0

With Teensy 4.x support coming to SmartMatrix Library, along with (still alpha quality) ESP32 support, and support for 1/4 scan panels and other panels with non-standard mapping, it’s time for a new major release. This is a good time to look at incorporating feature or bug fixes that have been sitting idle for a while, especially if there are any library changes that may require changing the API, or breaking existing code/examples.

I do plan on going through the open issues and pull requests in GitHub and including anything that I feel is important or low hanging fruit. What would you like to see included in the next major release?

(Please link to any existing issues/PRs on GitHub or consider creating a new one)

I’ve been using your “alpha quality” ESP32 support for over a year, works quite reliably for me :slight_smile:
I would definitely trade color depth for refresh rate, 16 bit, or even 12 bit (RGB444)

Not a must have, but just an idea.

I don’t have time to bring all the features I’d like into SmartMatrix Library 4.0, so it’s unlikely lower color depth will make it in. However, I just came across this fork where someone implemented a bunch of small color depth changes if you want to take a look:

If you do take a look, please let me know if it’s working for you.

Thanks Louis. Currently I’m using rPi for greater speeds/higher res, but if I need to improve my ESP32 speed, I’ll definitely look into that fork.
Also, I think it would be beneficial because it would use less memory and allow at least 128x128 at decent enough refresh rate.

Here’s the Todo list for SmartMatrix Library 4.0 in case anyone is interested: