SmartMatrix SD shield at Hackaday Store

I wanted to buy the SmartMatrix SD shield at Hackaday Store.
Because I live in Belgium this was the easiest way for me to get it.
Unfortunately it’s not available right now. Will it be available again soon?
Or is there another good way to get the SmartMatrix SD shield in Belgium?

I also thought about purchasing from Adafruit,
but I’m not 100% sure that I have chosen all the correct items to complete the project there,
also the resulting price is a lot higher and I am missing some parts that I can’t find there.
Including shipping it would even be twice as high.

So I’m really hoping that it comes available again with free worldwide shipping somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

I’d like to continue selling something through Hackaday, but they didn’t seem interested in placing a followup order. What parts would you like to see there? I was considering making a simpler/cheaper kit with shield, 32x32 panel, and power supply only (you can buy the Teensy 3.2 from Hackaday separately). I don’t think everyone wants the remote and frame kit.