SmartMatrix, SmartMatrix Shield v4 for Teensy, ESP32 shield with level shifter, and SmartMatrix::GFX

I spent quite a bit of time hacking on my new party shirt (since last year), which is now based on higher density RGB Panels, which however are totally different technology compared to my previous NeoMatrix shirt.
As you may have read already, I ended up writing SmartMatrix::GFX, a glue driver to allow all my previous code to work on this new backend, which sounds easy, but was a fair amount of work.

I ended up writing a blog post showing SmartMatrix Shield on teensy vs ESP32 (along with tips on how to use/wire/program it), and SmartMatrix::GFX:

@Jason’s shield, while not a perfect match, works well:

much better than my previous protoboard solution:

More photos: