Smooth scrolling text

I’m never satisfied, I know.
Now that I have scrolling text displaying properly, I was wondering if anyone has created smooth scrolling text instead of the jerky movement it currently has.
In graphics I’ve used PWM to do smooth transitions/dissolves between images but scrolling text is a little harder.
Anyone do it yet?

I’ve never seen any jerkiness from SmartMatrix’s ScrollingLayers. Is that what you’re using? Their animation has always been silky smooth for me on Teensy 4.

I wasn’t overjoyed by the appearance of the bitmap fonts. Instead I’ve been playing with PlutoVG to render TTF fonts baked into flash. I think the results are encouraging. >60 FPS for short strings like this.

I’m using a Teensy 3.2. Standard on-off display of scrolling text. If pixels were slow to light up and slow to dim, it would be great. The video is excellent. It’s more a “zoom-in and out” than a scroll, but it similar effect. That’s what I want.

Very nice result! I’m impressed

Those fonts look amazing! Was it difficult to build them?

The fonts themselves are the original, unchanged TTF files stored in a char array, so that part is easy enough.

Getting PlutoVG to build within an Arduino project was the difficult part. I’m very inexperienced with C++, so I probably made this way more difficult than it needed to be. I ended up using a Makefile, which is another thing I don’t really understand how to use effectively.

The only other changes I recall making were disabling the glyph cache, and switching many of PlutoVG’s internals to use floats rather than doubles. Both were done to reduce memory footprint.

Thanks for your reply. I am also inexperienced with C++. Being able to use actual TTF files opens up a lot of possibilities.

I will check this out.