[SOLVED] What pins are left untouched by this library?

Hello !

I need to use one GPIO for a button.

These are the ones that I use:

    #define R1_PIN  25
    #define G1_PIN  5
    #define B1_PIN  26
    #define R2_PIN  27
    #define G2_PIN  23
    #define B2_PIN  14

    #define A_PIN   13
    #define B_PIN   21
    #define C_PIN   18
    #define D_PIN   19
    #define E_PIN   22
    #define LAT_PIN 15
    #define OE_PIN  4

    #define CLK_PIN 2

    #define GPIO_PWM0A_OUT GPIO_NUM_32
    #define GPIO_SYNC0_IN  GPIO_NUM_34

Are there any hidden ones ?

I am asking because I’m experiencing a strange behavior with the button. It changes from HIGH to LOW randomly on startup and I can’t find a way of making it work.

There shouldn’t be any hidden ones.

Does the button work when you’re not using SmartMatrix Library? What about if you take out the call to matrix.begin()?

It was a mistake on my side. I was using GPIO 34 for the button even though it is used for something else:

I’ve changed it to GPIO 33 and it works just nice.