Source for 64x64, 5mm pitch display?


Does anyone know a source to buy a 64x64 5mm pitch display that works with Teensy and SmartLED shield? I’ve tried looking on alibaba and google but with no success. I only found a 3mm pitch on SparkFun. I’m working on something that is portable so that’s what I don’t want to deal with chaining at least for now.


Largest P5 I’ve seen is 32x64. You’ll need one ribbon to link two panels.

What specifically do you not like about chaining for portability? There might be some way to work around it.


Thank you for all your responses you’ve been very helpful. I’m basically trying to have a screen run a modified version of your GIF player that is battery powered. I believe these panels draw 3-4A at peak so I’d have to bring multiple batteries as these anker power banks only have a peak rating of 3A for 5V… Is it ok to connect one panel/Teensy to one battery and the second panel to a second battery? Keep in mind the data for the two panels would be chained. I’m very new to learning about circuits so I’m not sure if this would cause problems. I’d want to know before buying another 1-3 panels. Thanks.


Keep the grounds between the two panels connected if you use two separate batteries. They will already be connected through the ribbon cable, but that’s a thin wire, better to connect them with something closer to the thickness of the power cables.

You may find one of the USB packs supply enough current, depending on the content and brightness you’re displaying. Make sure you use a good quality cable between the pack and the panels. A lot of USB cables use thin wires. Use a multimeter to see how low the voltage is dropping when you’re displaying your brightest content.

If you need to use multiple packs, connecting one to each panel seems easier than trying to connect two to both panels. Just connect the grounds as I mentioned above.


@dennyhle if USB battery packs don’t give you enough amps, use a lipo and a voltage converter like
Specifically this picture


Thank you everyone for the advice. I was able to chain two 32x64 panels together running for several hours on a 26000mAh Anker battery. There are problems with a full bright white screen but I don’t need that for my purposes and it has been fine.