Suggestion for New Aurora if being done

Hi Jason, and Louis and everyone else.

A few questions :slight_smile:

Is Aurora version 2 on the horizon ?.. Is there anyway we can have a setting to adjust height of scrolling menu, like we have clock position ? also i did see somewhere a pattern list that maybe added to version 2. would any of the particle.sys patterns be on that list ? like smoke, spin, and painter ?

Only an enquiry to what you magicians are upto ?

@Jason is busy working on other cool lighting projects like this one:

I’m busy working on documentation for the recent SmartMatrix Library 3.0 release, and looking into the Particle Photon.

Yeah, sorry, I’ve been distracted with some other spare-time projects:

I’ll try to make my way back to working on Aurora and SmartMatrix soon. Shouldn’t be too difficult to make a setting for the scrolling menu position. I’ll add it to the to-do list.

I’ve tried porting the particle system patterns, and haven’t had much luck getting them to look good on the SmartMatrix. Not sure if it’s the increased resolution or what. I’ll add it to the list to try again.

Hi guys, Yes i have seen the bloom project over on Fastled. I have a pair of 24 led rings laying around somewhere. played around with them for a little while then had no idea what to do with them. great idea and project, looks amazing.

i had a little play with the smartmatrix particle system both on the 16x32 and 32x32., loved painter and smoke effects, had to edit some of the libraries to get anything interesting going though. Did try and add one of them to the existing Aurora, but failed miserably :).

@mannymiller1 If you want to share some of your code and library changes on GitHub, I’m sure Jason would appreciate it and it would make for an easier integration into Aurora.