Syphon to Fadecandy Server

Feeding video to the fadecandy server via syphon actually proved to be straightforward. Here is my processing sketch if anyone needs it. This is for a 64 x 16 matrix so there is one line which may need adjusting.

If there is a better/more efficient way then let me know!

import codeanticode.syphon.*;
OPC opc;
PGraphics canvas;
SyphonClient client;

void setup()
  size(320, 80, P3D);
  println("Available Syphon servers:");
  // Create syhpon client to receive frames 
  // from running server with given name: 
  client = new SyphonClient(this, "Avenue");

  // Connect to the local instance of fcserver
  opc = new OPC(this, "", 7890);

  // Map a 64x16 grid of LEDs to the center of the may need to fiddle with this for different sized matrices
   opc.ledGrid(0, 64,16, width * 1/2, height * 1/2, height/16, height/16, 0, false);

void draw()
  while (!client.available()) {
  //to avoid flickering if there are any dropped frames the sketch waits for the next frame (I think!)
    canvas = client.getGraphics(canvas);
    image(canvas, 0, 0, width, height);