Teensey 3.6 direct connection

Does anyone have or know of a diagram for manually connecting Teensey to a 64x32 matrix? Search yields mixed results mostly using the matrix shield. Im trying to troubleshoot equipment to see if its a problem with the Teensey, the SmartMatrix shield, or if I have bad panels. Found this one, but for some reason it makes no sense to me( could just be lack of sleep) any help would be great.


@Dhpete the diagram that you quoted is read like this:
2nd graph, pin2 of teensy is labelled R1.
you go to first graph, see that R1 is pin 1, so you connect pin2 of teensy to pin1 of panel connector
pin11 of teensy is labelled 11/… that one isn’t connected. You don’t need to connect any pin labelled with a number/xxx
The last pins to connect are 20(B2) to 7, and 14(CLK) to 13
Hope this makes sense.

Pete, I’m getting back into the forum after a holiday, please post back if you need more help with this.

  • Louis