Teensy 3.1 issues using Arduino IDE

My Teensy 3.1 stopped working properly today (wrong voltage supply - just a hickup really) and I am trying to rewrite the AnimatedGIFs sktech that I’ve always relied upon but strange things have started happening. First off I can’t find my Teensy boards menu on the Arduino IDE. Instead I get something called Teensy 4 Security in the dropdown menu. What IS this? I don’t have a Teensy 4 but rather a Teensy 3.1 but now I just get errors on the IDE that are driving me crazy. Who screwed this up anyway?
So, how do I program my Teensly 3.1 via Arduino IDE now? Please advise. Oh one more thing. There is a message stating that I have a .HEX encryption key (NOT true as I can’t find it and a program loaded on the IDE stating to write the file to my Teensy then destroy the program as my “KEY” is in this program, but it’s NOT HERE. At least I can’t find it so my iMac is running on standby as I don’t want to destroy my Teensy 3.1 if I run said program and if I run said program without a KEY I don’t want to be permanently locked out of programming my Teensy 3.1. To recap: I don’t have a Teensy 4, nor do I have the KEY and I can’t access my Teensy sketches nor do I have access to my Teensy 3.1 board via the drop down menu. It’s all screwed up now!!!

Try posting at forum.PJRC.com as Teensyduino install/config issues are better handled by the person that designed the Teensy

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