Teensy 3.6 / Smartmatrix Help

Hi, I have my Smartmartix v4 shield up and running on a Teensy 3.6 and the “FeatureDemo” example sketch works great.

I am trying to get the animated gif sketch to work but nothing is getting displayed on the panel.

I did see the filename of the gif appear in the serial monitor so I know that the file can be found.

I tried a bunch of gif files but the screen just remains un-illuminated.

I also tried the “bitmap” example and also just got zero illumination.

I’d love any advice


Did you edit the sketch to uncomment the shieldv4 include at the top? Did you change the config at the top to match your panel?

The shieldv4 is already uncommented and the config seems to match the “featureDemo” sketch which works great.

I’ll do a closer compare later but I would presume that the configs of al the demo sketches would be for the same panel.


Ok… I copied the config lines from the featureDemo and now I do get illumination but it’s not looking like my gif.

I’ll try and compare other parts of the setup code when I get chance tomorrow.