Teensy 3.6 w/ SmartMatrixv4+Aurora - Panel Running 1/4th of gif

Hey guys, so I’m relatively new to this. So long story short I’m trying to run a 32x32 Panel with a teensy 3.6 and SmartMatrixv4 + Aurora. Thanks to fbriceno97’s adjusted Aurora library I was finally able to get it compiled. The problem I’m having is that in aurora’s gif setting, it’s only showing 1/4 of the gif. The pattern functions are working fine however, so I’m wondering if it has to do with the gif decoder trying to run it as a chained array. I’m not really sure what to look for to get this working, so any feedback helps! Thanks!

Missing other 3/4th of gif.

Patterns are scaling correctly.


I’m guessing there’s some settings changed from 32 to 64 as fbriceno97’s adjusted Aurora library was for a 64x64 panel, not 32x32. Maybe search for “64” in the files you have? You can try to run a diff (program that compares differences between files) on the original Aurora sketch and the one you have, or if you share it with me, I can try it when I have time.

in the aurora.ino AT line 280 to 291 there is a Code to rezise 32x32 gifs to 64x64

Change These lines to

void drawPixelCallback(int16_t x, int16_t y, uint8_t red, uint8_t green, uint8_t blue) {
backgroundLayer.drawPixel(x, y, {red, green, blue});