Teensy 4.1/SmartMatrix Shield 4 v5

Because I have several HUB75 LED panels + SmartMartix shields with Teensy 3.0’s, I figured that all I had to do was to solder the pins onto the Teensy (done) and place a socket onto the shield (also done).
I uploaded the code to my Teensy 4.1 (can’t remember which one because there are SO many out there!) and using external 5v power promptly got 4 bars - Green, Blue Red, Red. The SD card I inserted was from another board that worked. What do these bars mean? The code uploaded successfully and the wiring seems correct. Could I have a damaged Teensy?

Can you share a picture of the shield, both top and bottom, and the bars on the matrix?

I don’t see any obvious hardware issues. Can you try a simple example sketch like Bitmaps, and see if that works?

The matrix photo shows what you’d typically see if the matrix wasn’t being refreshed at all

OKAY so the matrix isn’t being refreshed at all. That is; all 3 of my HUB75 matrixs arent being refreshed. So it’s the Teensy 4.1’s or the Shield. Right?

Right. Refreshing drives pin 13 which has an LED, is it blinking?

The panel seems active with random looking bars but the Teensy isn’t blinking. However when I plug the Teensy into a power source via USB, it now blinks.The screen appears the same.

Are you powering both the Teensy and panel? They both need to be powered, the HUB75 connector doesn’t share power

At first I wasn’t powering the board up then I thought of if and discovered, after I got it up and running, that I have a damaged HUD75 board on my hands. The other 2 LED boards work just fine. Thanks for helping me out.

Well I thought I got it running however GIFs freeze after starting up. First I could run around 14 different GIFs but now I get stuck at the very first one. I’ve formatted the 8mg SD card as MSDOS FAT32 (I think). What else can I do? I’ve never had this problem before.

Another problem has just arose. I decided to upload AnimatedGIFs.INO to my Teensy and I did as stated within the code, “// Teensy SD Library requires a trailing slash in the directory name” (/gifs/) is the name of the folder where the gifs reside however I now get the message scrolling across my panel stating, “No SD card”. Yes there is! Now what?