Teensy 4.1 w/SD card reader

After getting over many hurdles with compiling and display issues (where are the GIFs located, for instance) I now have a constant problem. GIFs freeze when displaying for more than one minute. Any GIF freezes and they all worked before. Could it be that my Teensy 4.1 is bricked or my SD card is buggy? How does one resolve this annoying problem?
Teensy 4.1/SmartMatrix 4 .v5 is the hardware

It’s possible your GIFs were compatible with the old Gif decoder but not the new one. You can run them through ezgif.com to encode the GIFs again and maybe that will improve things

Thank you Louis for the suggestion and I have repaired 2 errant gifs however my last 2 SmartMatrix displays (32x32 6mm pitch) just up and died. Yup, died. The Teensy blinks and my volt ohm meter tells me that my voltage and current are correct but the display is dead except that when I remove the SM Shield while the panel is still powered on I might see some red/green bars or just 2 white dots while the Teensy is running “Bitmaps”.