The problem with RGB matrix 64x32


There are RGB matrix of 32x32.

Foto1 _!AmOfGucR9dk0igVb4yM7XFeK8Aby
Foto2 _!AmOfGucR9dk0igfkik7v10C8tL34

On this matrix SmartMatrix Demo works.

There are RGB matrix of 64x32 (1/16 scan, but this is not certain).

Foto1 _!AmOfGucR9dk0igam2ZSAhc6znoxR
Foto2 _!AmOfGucR9dk0ighX2LZzVO1vKG1z

The code width parameter is changed to 64.

On this matrix SmartMatrix Demo works to a certain point, and then it freezes.

Video how everything happens!AmOfGucR9dk0igmMkFmUU3X3cmhp

I know that there are problems with some RGB matrix (Made in China).

Show you how to modify the code that would have earned the RGB matrix of 64x32 ?

Hi, it doesn’t seem like it’s a hardware problem, I believe there is a problem with the example code, though I haven’t seen it before. Maybe there’s an issue with the version of Arduino or Teensyduino you’re using? I haven’t tested the latest.

What versions are you using?

You can disable certain demos by changing the #define's at the top of the example code. e.g.#define DEMO_DRAWING_FILLED 1
Can you isolate the sections of code that don’t work?


Arduino - 1.6.5
Teensyduino - 1.24
SmartMatrix library - the latest from site.

In a single test …
DEMO_FILL_SCREEN - Hangs with two red stripes on a video in my first message.
DEMO_SCROLL_SPEED - The first two letters are very slow to appear. And all over again.
DEMO_BRIGHTNESS - Hangs with just two yellow stripes.
DEMO_INDEXED_LAYER - When you work on RGB color matrix appears chaos (in the form of randomly LED lights), and then it freezes.

The rest of the tests are working properly.

It turns out an error in the code specific tests ? Or the reason in structure of the rgb matrix?

Hmm, I’m not sure what’s causing the problem. Can you try with a more recent version of Arduino, Teensyduino, and SmartMatrix Library 3.0.1? What’s your CPU Speed? (Tools-CPU Speed in Arduino)

I’m currently using Arduino 1.6.9 and Teensyduino 1.29-beta2 (I know there’s more recent version, I just haven’t had the time to update yet). The FeatureDemo sketch runs fine for me with width=64.

Arduino - 1.6.11
Teensyduino - 1.30
SmartMatrix library - 3.0.2

All the same.
It hangs on the same demo.
Personally, I think that the problem in the code, as well as in electronic circuits RGB matrix.
After all, not only am I observed me. But in others. In this forum, people have already written about such.

Let’s narrow it down. I installed Arduino 1.6.11, Teensyduino 1.30, and SmartMatrix Library 3.0.2 and compiled the FeatureDemo example with with one change: const uint8_t kMatrixWidth = 64. It works for me without crashing/hanging. Here’s the compiled hex file, can you load it on your Teensy using Teeny Loader and see if it works for you without crashing/hanging?

What are you using for a power supply? Does it work any better if you change defaultBrightness to something very small, e.g. const int defaultBrightness = 15*(255/100); // dim: 15% brightness? If it’s a power supply issue, I’d expect changing the brightness to a low value would fix most tests except the DEMO_BRIGHTNESS which goes through the full range of brightness values during the test.

Here’s some notes on power for a 32x32 panel. You should double it for a 64x32 panel, so you need up to a 5V 7A supply to drive the panels at 100% brightness.

Hi Louis!

I apologize.
You were right, and the problem was really in the power supply. He gave insufficient operating current.
After replacing the power supply to the more powerful.
RGB matrix 64x64 (2* 64x32) earned well and all the demos were held without hangups.

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