Things needed to get started?

Hi all, just recently found out about this project and would love to get involved. Very inexperienced when it comes to projects like this, both on the software and hardware side but want to learn. Just after some confirmation regarding things needed to get started. I can only purchase teensy 3.2 now as nobody is selling the 3.1, im presuming this is compatible with current libraries and software? Regarding the smartmatrix shield, can I use the older smartmatrix without sd support or is it going to be easier using the v3 smartmatrix sd shield? And lastly rgb panel, I know originally you used the 32x32 panel but I already own a 32x64, will I be able to get this working easily or am I better getting hold of a 32x32 panel? Sorry for the basic questions and thanks for any help anyone can contribute.

Hey, welcome! This was one of the first Arduino hardware projects I tried out as well. :slight_smile:

Teensy 3.2 is definitely supported. It’s a fully compatible, drop in replacement for the 3.1.

I’d recommend the SmartMatrix v3 shield, since it has the 5v level shifters for better compatibility with more panels:

Where’d you get your 32x64 panel? If it’s from Adafruit, it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s compatible. If you can provide any more information, like a link to the tech specs, a picture of the back, etc, we can help make sure it’s compatible.

Thank you so much for the reply. The panel I have is one from eBay,
I have since watched a video on YouTube of someone using the smartmatrix shield and they have linked to this exact same panel so I’m fairly confident this will work. Will get the bits ordered and will probably be back when I struggle to get it all working!! Thanks again for your help