Trying to get 64x32 P6 working with Smartmatrix v3

Hi everyone.
I have a project due and don’t have much time left for ordering parts. I’m trying to run a 64x32 panel from a SmartMatrix v3 and am only getting a garbled screen.

I can’t post videos here yet as my account is new but please see twitter @1030 account’s last tweets and you can see what it’s displaying.

I’d be very thankful for any help as the deadline looms closer and I’m very anxious.

Can you post a link to where you got the panel, or some details? From the video it looks a bit like it’s either misconfigured in the sketch, or a panel the library doesn’t support. e.g. a 32-row /8 scan panel.

Was this working at one point then stopped working, or never showed a clear image?

You could post the configuration code you’re using here. Taking a stab in the dark based on how the matrix is oriented vertically in your photos: if you want to make the screen 32-pixels wide, 64-pixels high, you need to set it to 64 wide, 32 high in the sketch, and rotate by 90 or 270 degrees.

attached is a photograph of the board. I got it from

I’ve tried width = 64 and height = 32 and no luck. Disregard the orientation of the original photos - my phone had rotated the pictures.

(also, I’m the same guy - James Houston & 1030) - two accounts due to a forum problem on my phone)

Thanks very much for any help.

Can you try this test program? On a working 64x32 panel, it should show bitmaps on the left half of the 64x32, and might look a bit weird on the right half but still showing something that looks like a bitmap.

What version of Arduino and Teensyduino are you using? Also what version of SmartMatrix Library? What CPU Speed have you set in Arduino (Tools-CPU Speed)?