Trying to make a Universal font scrolling matrix display

I am using a P4 64x32 RGB display with an ESP32.

My aim is to use the RGB display as a simple scrolling text display in 2 (or more) layers.

Although, the Smartmatrix library provides functionality for printing different fonts… I wanted to be able to print scrolling text in any language. I wanted to use a simple app for transmitting the data to be printed on the display. Now, I am able to do it with transferring ASCII strings to be displayed on the RGB display, which was fairly simple. To print the text in a regional language, I want to capture and transmit pixel data (or bitmap) of the language from the app and send it to the ESP32 server to be printed, eventually, on the display. However, I could not find any specific functions or drivers that do that. Even in the bitmaps example within the library, the bitmap data is stored as a c file within the code i.e. offline. I want to do a similar thing, but make it more dynamic and online.

This would allow any font to be displayed as long as it is present in the app’s keyboard or the general smart phone’s keyboard without any significant increase in code size as far as the font data is concerned. I am currently using HTTP POST request to transmit this information, however, alternative (more efficient) suggestions are welcome.

I don’t have time for a detailed response, but my quick suggestion is to use the indexedLayer type instead which have transparency but no scrolling, and to draw your bitmap data to multiples of those layers. You’ll have to implement the scrolling yourself.