Trying to reproduce ESP32_SmartLedShieldV0 - Looking for OE_PWM

Hello everyone !

I’m trying to reproduce to PCB for the esp32 with the external latch for my own needs using WT32-ETH01, and now I’m looking for matching the pins on the PCB to the pins using the MatrixHardware_ESP32_SmartLedShieldV0.h

But i’m stuck on the pin OE_PWM; the pin is using the GPIO33 on the scheme but in the config file there is no sign of this pin so I don’t know where to look if I want to change it to use another pin

Any advice for this ?

Thanks !

That circuit was an experiment to try to get finer color depth and it didn’t pan out. You can remove that part of the circuit, the ESP32 doesn’t need to drive that pin.

Ok thanks you !

So also the OE_PWM on GPIO 32 that goes into the GPIO 35 pin is also not used ?