Ultimate Mandala by Stefan Petrick

I really admire this programmer from Germany named Stefan Petrick and he got back to me regarding his YouTube video “Ultimate Mandala” (Arduino, Teensy). The Arduino codes, “Funky Clouds” and “Funky Noise” upload onto the Teensy just fine of course, but they don’t run. What I’m asking is this: Has anyone here furthered this code and made it work on the Teensy/SmartMatrix combo? Stefan told me that by tweaking his code a bit I should get similar results but I’ve yet to accomplish this daunting feat. Thank you for reading.

Short answer is yes

Will try and send longer reply later, but see arduino/Products/Tile at master · netmindz/arduino · GitHub

Thank you netmindz for your lead in helping me find what I’m seeking. Can’t wait to discover what gems you have to reveal to my search.
Merry Christmas,
Fred Olivas

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February starts tomorrow and am wondering if you might impart some Mandala wisdom towards me.