Use an Elechouse Voice Recognition V3 module

Hi Louis,

I am trying to use an Elechouse Voice Recognition V3 module with your shield:

The module uses a serial communication. Here is the library :

I tried the module with an Arduino UNO : everything worked fine.
But when I try to use it with the smartmatrix shield and my Teensy 3.2, it didn’t work.

Do you have an idea on how I can adapt the voicerecognitionV3 library for the smartmatrix shield ?

Thanks a lot !


Does the module work with the Teensy 3.2 without the SmartMatrix Shield? Are you starting the SmartMatrix Library and driving the matrix display at the same time? What if you don’t use the SmartMatrix Library?

I didn’t start the SmartMatrix library.
I use pins 5v, Gnd, 11 (OUT) and 12 (IN) of the smartmatrix.
I can’t test the module with Teensy only (because it’s now solded on the smartmatrix shield).

OUT/IN are for SPI, use RX (0) and TX (1) for UART

Note that TX from the SmartMatrix Shield/Teensy needs to go to RX on the shield, and vice versa

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It works with pin 0 and 1 and with some modifications in the VoiceRecognition library !

Thanks Louis !



Great! If you want to share more details of your project here or direct to me, I’d love to see what you’re building

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