Using 64x128 panel with SmartMatrix

I’m working with a 64x128 matrix, Smart Matrix Shield and Teensy 3.5. I set the kPanelType to 64 row mod 32 scan. If I set the width and height both to 64, it works fine, duplicating the 64x64 pattern on both sides of the display as expected. But if I change it to width 128, I get no display at all. It compiles fine, just no display.
I realize that 64x128 is pushing the limits of the shield and the Teensy. I do most of those panels with Raspberry Pi, but I want to try it with the Teensy

Can you help?

Try lowering color depth to 24 down from 36. Otherwise you’ll need to upgrade from Teensy 3.5 to 4.0/4.1. There’s an adapter you can get for cheap from osh park to upgrade your shield if you don’t want to buy a new one. See the wiki on GitHub

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That did the trick! Seems to work great now.
Thanks so much!

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