Using a Teensy 3.5

I have a 3.5 Teensy but the V4 shield is not available anywhere. Is it possible to wire a V5 shield to a Teensy 3.5?

It should be possible, basically by reversing this adapter board, and updating the pin for CLK:

Simpler explanation:

Compare the schematics of the two shields:

Connect up the V5 (Teensy 4 shield) signals to the Teensy 3:

  • 3.3V, VIN, GND matches
  • All the “BUFFER” signals should be connected from the shield to the Teensy 3. e.g. “BUFFER_OE” should be connected from the shield pin 2 to the Teensy pin 4
  • For “BUFFER_CLK” use the default connection on the shield which is pin 7, connecting to the Teensy pin 14
  • You don’t need to connect the “FLEXIO” signals or LED_EN for driving a HUB75 panel

Hope that helps!