Using smartmatrix/aurora without the shield?

I already have my own custom 2d 2812 panel (single strip winding back and fourth) that I had set up for an arduino but want to migrate it to the smartmatrix library, but all the guides I’ve seen are referencing the usage of the shield + 32x32 panel. Is it possible to run smartmatrix on my own custom panel setup? What do I need to update?

Sorry, but not currently. The SmartMatrix shield and library are specifically for driving chainable pre-built RGB LED matrix panels, such as this one from Adafruit:

It’s very different than driving an RGB LED strip, such as WS2811, NeoPixel, APA102, etc, that has been arranged in a matrix grid. For that, I highly recommend the FastLED library:

If you’re looking for shape and text drawing methods similar to the SmartMatrix library, I also recommend Aaron Liddiment’s library:

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