Want to drive a HUB08 Display

Want to drive a HUB08 Display

The Display MRD65 LED panel 4.75.doc

The Results so far:
using this Branch of my Project:

i was able to reach the Following Output:

the Display consist of 2 Panels,

1 Panel has Resolution(W×H) 64×32
so Total Resolution is (W×H) 128×32

The Demo Program is already nicely playing with the upper half of the 12832, so 12816 are already work nicely.

the Drive Type according to the Datasheet is a

drive Constant current8sweep,HUB08

Lucky i have the Original Control card on hand:
it is a Lytec CL3000. http://www.lytec.cn/CL3000?_l=en

i used a very old Laptop with Windows 7 to get the Settings:

the current and working setting is named 16-P16

now, i was also connecting the old Card to the Logic Analyzer,
and captured some Pics:

Can you post the configuration portion of your sketch?

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What’s your problem?
There are a code examples to work with HUB08 panels.

Technically a HUB08 panel is a half of HUB75 panel with the same width and a 2x height. You can use a HUB75 code for it, but with custom led mappings.

I have a HUB08 support in my DMD_STM32 library.

the Configuration Part is here:
test L14

I think you just need to double the height of your config. See the HUB12 section here:

test - L14

Channel HUB 08 Pin
D7 R1
D6 R0
D3 D
D2 C
D1 B
D0 A

I got it running meanwhile:

the R2 Channel was not applied. This was because i was using WROOM Module, and this one has PSRAM, and no Pin 17/16


there seem to be 2 Versions of HUB08

one is HUB08 RGB, another one is HUB08RG,
HUB08RG is same as HUB75, but just no B Channel,
and there is HUB08 RGB, whith RGB but not R1-R2 and so on but only half as you write.

i have a HUB08RG, just i needed to invert the R1 R2 Signals, nothing else.
my Panel is red only.

There is no inversion on HUB08RG panels, it is the same as HUB75 as you mentioned above.
If you have a monochrome panel with inverted color signal, it seems to be a HUB12 standard.