Wrong pixel position

Just installed smart matrix v4 with teensy 4.0 but the pixel at wrong position.
I used panel type MOD4SCAN_V2.

The panel should show number 12345


Do the pixels look in the right position if you use the MultiRowRefreshMapping sketch in test mode?

If not, you may have the wrong mapping.

Thanks for your fast response Louis.
I have tried MultiRefreshMapping in TestMode(32x16) but the led ON not in order.

  1. How to mapping the new Panel ?
  2. where to buy a panel that supports smartmatrix?, if i can’t create the new one?


  • VSC + PlatformIO + Windows 10 x64
  • SmartLED Shield (V5) for Teensy 4 (JP5 shorted for 5V supply to Vin)
  • Teensy 4.0 (VUsb not connected to Vin, I cut the path)
  • Teensy 4.0 connected to USB Laptop
  • SmartLED shield connected to RGB Panel
  • External power supply connected to RGB Panel and SmartLED shield

My question is:
3. Is it possible to upload sketch directly with configuration above?


Hi, the link I pasted above tells you how to map your panel. It’s not easy. You should try some alternate panel types before deciding you need to create your own.

The “HUB75 Panels” section in the wiki has advice on buying a compatible panel

Hi Louis,

For point 1 and 2 I’ll try again.

For point 3, can you upload the sketch directly to the Teensy while the Teensy is connected to the SmartLed Shield?

Yes, you can upload after the shield is attached

I have 3 type of panel 32x16 p10.

  1. With address AB
  2. With address ABC
  3. With address ABCD

Unfortunately no one can show the correct character.

See photo20210310_184014-picsay


maybe you can direct me what should I do first?

Let’s start with the panel in your photo. Can you show the back of the panel, and paste the top part of your sketch with the config? (Please use the preformatted text tool that look like </>)

Here it is the pictures.


For all your panels, you should try the above config, as well as:


That list is pulled from: https://github.com/pixelmatix/SmartMatrix/wiki/Features

Result for


Yes of course I was tried all config with all panels but no one right.

Hi louis,

i’m pretty sure that all my panels is 1/4 Scan, because I successfully connect this panel using controller board from manufacturer and the config show 1/4 scan.

I use esp8266 D1 Mini to drive this panel and working properly.

p10  pic 32x16 rgb

I got from this link

Do you have a link to the code you used, and whatever config you had to change to make it work for your panel?

What config do you have in the photo under the text “Unfortunately no one can show the correct character.”?


Same as sketch image below:

Hi Louis,

This sketch has configuration:
D1 Mini ESP8266, using PxMatrix Library

If you want text only I’ll send you the code, I sent you code in image cause easy to read.

Result panel:
p10  pic 32x16 rgb

You’re providing a C pin to PxMatrix, so I think it’s a MOD8 panel, not MOD4. Does PxMatrix work if you only provide A and B?

Nevermind, I see the begin(4) call now