32x32 Matrix Issue

Hi all
I was trying my 32x32 SmartMatrix lib on a ESP32.
Matrix is running well with PxMatrix lib.

however I have some display issue with this lib.

Here is my Matrix

I thought the adafruit logo on it was a goos sign :wink:

no info on the HUB75 connector.

With the bitmap demo and parameter SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_32ROW_MOD16SCAN, bipmap / lines are seeing twice

With SMARTMATRIX_HUB75_16ROW_MOD8SCAN, it’s better but the 4 displayed blocks are not in the good order . All part of image are displayed but not at the right place.

Has someone an idea what can I do to ?

My working PxMatric config is:

PxMATRIX display(32,32,P_LAT, P_OE,P_A,P_B,P_C,P_D);
// Define your display layout here, e.g. 1/8 step
// Define your scan pattern here {LINE, ZIGZAG, ZAGGIZ} (default is LINE)
display.setScanPattern( LINE);
// Define multiplex implemention here {BINARY, STRAIGHT} (default is BINARY)
//display.setMuxPattern(BINARY); // STRAIGHT is not working

So default configuration here …

PS: sorry I can only upload 1 image as I’m a new user

PS my Matix has only 2 Hub 75 connector (1 in, 1 Out) not like the one shown on AliExpress web site.
I’m using the left one.

Your panel is 32x32/8, and needs to use the MultiRowMapping feature in SmartMatrix Library:

There’s some info here, and more in the MultiRowMapping sketch in the library

thx. I’ll check this

Thx louis. It’s working with:

const PanelMappingEntry panelMap32x32Mod8[] =
{0, 32, 8},
{0, 40, 8},
{0, 48, 8},
{0, 56, 8},
{8, 0, 8},
{8, 8, 8},
{8, 16, 8},
{8, 24, 8},
{0, 0, 0} // last entry is all zeros


Finally, I have found a man who has the same problem as me.:sob:
I have a 3232 P5 1/8 scan panel, two days to make it work and failed.
I just copy your ‘panelMap32x32Mod8’, but it not work for my panel, so sre you willing to share the code of ‘MultiRowRefreshMapping.ino’ of your 32
32 panel.

@merlinux - Are you able to share the full sample sketch and details of any manual changes you may have made to the library itself?