Announce: Framebuffer::GFX and FastLED_SPITFT::GFX

Ok, it’s a bit off topic, but since @Louis was interested, he probably won’t kick me out for posting this :slight_smile:
I’ve refactored my multi API setup in as base class

If you use , you’ll be talking to it.

In turn, you can then substitute your RGBPanel(s) for a small TFT and display your same code with pretty much 0 work:

More details:

Good work Marc, thanks for sharing!

Do you have a project in mind for this?

I’m in the early stages of a VJ controller for LED wearables, and eventually want to add a feature to Aurora so it can sync timing of Aurora patterns over RFM69 radios to nearby wearables also running Aurora. The VJ controller would be handheld, and using one of these tiny OLEDs. The VJ controller radio wouldn’t need to send a lot of data; it’s not sending the full frame buffer, just pattern and timing information, like this project for the PixelBlaze controller does:

Actually in this case, not really, I just ended up with some small TFTs and I figured I’d do this for fun, and also as an exercise to help factor our my framebuffer library into a base class.

That being said, it’s cool to be able to write code and test it easily on a trip without carrying big panels and wires.

yeah, it would work great for such an application.

Looking forward to seeing your work :slight_smile: