Chaining 6 panels of 32 by 32 pixel in horizontal

hi i want to chain 6 rgb panels horizontally of 32 by 32 pixels with esp 32 and i alos dont have smart matrix shield
could someone guide me in some direction or provide me with some useful links like schematics of smart matrix shield and esp32 port
actually i want to display a count down using RTC and a bitmap along with it

You want to start simple, you are doing too many things at once if you have never worked with those panels.
First, they don’t exist in 32x32, they come in 32x64
Second, 6 of them would be 192x64. Is that the resolution you need/want?
Third, I’m not sure if ESP32 supports that many panels, due to a limit of how much DMA memory there is
Fourth, there is no shield fo ESP32, you have to make your own with level shifters and direct wiring. You can use Jason Coon’s 16 channel ESP32 shield but you’ll still have to wire your own (I just posted about that this week)
Fifth, for ESP32 support you’ll want to use the teensylc branch. It’s still slightly experimental, but it mostly works.

Basically start small and work your way up. To make your life easy, I recommend you do start with a teensy 3.6 and the V4 shield.
Good luck.

firstly thanks for your reply i wasn’t expecting any reply from someone
yeah i forgot they don’t come in 32 by 32 and yes they are in 32 by 64 but they are in 192 by 32 in resolution and as esp 32 has around 520KiB of ram whereas i need 192(length)*32(width)*3(panels)*3(three pixel) = 18.432Kb or 2.3KB of data( if i use these bytes efficiently), i dont need color depth
there is no big deal in making shield for esp32 and yes i know these are a lot of stuff at the same time by the way i have already studying all these things for two weeks now and i have gather a lot of knowledge of how these panel works but i just pick esp32 now and have no idea of how I2S works and how DMA works
in my country i cant get V4 sheild easily
esp32 is not necessary, i can use any other micro controller, i can use teensy
i just want the simplest way of driving these panels with no depth in colors
there are also some kind of Chinese board which drive these panel (Huidu led controller)

You can find all that in the GitHub Repository.

If you can get a Teensy 3.6, but can’t get a SmartLED Shield, you can follow the schematic and wire it up yourself. Or, follow the instructions here:

This branch has ESP32 support, see the README for hardware info. As Marc mentioned, it’s experimental, not supported, and will take more effort to get working than the released versions for the Teensy.