Rgb panel with esp 32

few months ago i posted asking for help to daisy chained three of 32*64 panels
since then i have been studying a lot about how these panels works and how micro controllers work in general
so what is i am up to now is that, i want to run three 32x64 panels daisy chained together with only one bit color so i will be writing my own basic code but before that i need hardware to run them. I decided to copy smart led sheild but it was to complicated then i saw marcmerlin using protoboard and then using Jason’s board to connect esp32 to rgb panel. i found that interesting but i could not find any resources on its wiring or schematic
so if any one could provide me with those schematic or circuit i would be very thankful because these board can not be shipped to my country(pakistan)
in short i want to code these panel on my own but i want to use somebody’else hardware so that when i mess up i know it’s because of my code and not the hardware

The pinout Marc is using is documented here:

All you have to do is connect up those signals from the ESP32 to your panel, and it should work as long as your panel works without level shifters

You can ignore these two signals:

Change which pinout you are selecting here:

i am not used to library-reverse engineering that why i couldn’t find it, thanks for guiding me :slight_smile:

“You’ll want to look at this file for how to wire your ESP32: https://github.com/pixelmatix/SmartMatrix/blob/teensylc/src/MatrixHardware_ESP32_V0.h#L62

So at least, I tried :slight_smile: