Display 64x64 with app

Hi guys, i’m working on an android project that use a led display to show image or little Video (or GIF).
i’m new with led but i have find a le matrix that work like what i want the problem is the it is not open source (this https://m-it.gearbest.com/community/yT4qv1).

is there a way to create a led matrix 64x64 that work with a powerbank (5V 2A) ?


There’s been some threads discussing the panels in those backpacks:

If I were going to use one of those matrices (I have one, unused BTW), I would desolder the controller, and wire up a SmartLED Shield to the matrix signals on the board. It looks like there are HUB75-compatible signals on the board. No one has posted here that they’ve tried it and it works yet.

is there a way to create a led matrix 64x64 that work with a powerbank (5V 2A) ?

I don’t think there’s much special about that matrix to make it work with a power bank. I’ve used some of my matrices (32x32 P6 is the only one I can remember trying) with a powerbank. Just watch that the brightness isn’t too high and you’ll probably have good results.

This doesn’t take care of actually needing to drive the matrix from an Android app. I don’t have many suggestions there.

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i unsoldered the original controller and i put an ESP32.
i use this library https://github.com/2dom/PxMatrix, i connect it like HUB75 and works but not perfectly.
i uploaded the example that are in the library and only one works!

i completely new in this “pixel’s world”, my goal is to create a display to reproduce an image or a little GIF that it receive from a smartphone.
i read many discussion here and i’m confuse about what type of board i need to use.
i have understood that teensy is the best option, ESP32 is much more compicated, i’m right?
Is there a teensy with bluetooh or wifi like ESP32 ?

i have switched to smartMatrix library, i have used AnimatedGif example and it works very well!
i think that this screen is very similar to another 64x64 1/32 but thinner