Removal of FastLED output support

Can I ask why support was removed for FastLED as direct means to control the matrix?

While I appreciate their are features that are only possible when using SmartLED directly and it’s not a massive job to migrate projects over (I have done a few), I’m sure I’m not the only one that does small scale tests on things like my 8x8 neopixel matrix before then testing out on my lager setups that needs extra PSUs etc. Being able to update a couple of constants and update the FastLED.addLeds call is really quick and easy vs the alternative.
I have tried writing some designs where I still use the CRGB array then copy over to the SmartLED buffer, but this is a bit clunky in the code, uses more memory and is slower.

Was this just low priority and so decision was taken to drop support and recommend migration or is there some fundamental reason why support was dropped.

While I’m certainly no C wizard, I would be willing to try and at least provide some assistance in getting this feature restored, but don’t want to waste time if it’s ultimately going to be a dead end. Might be better to focus on things like removing the need to wrap CHSV in CRGB to make the transition less painful